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Rabino Marco

Monforte d’Alba (Cn), Piedmont, Italy

Love and respect for the land at the heart of sustainable agriculture.

For over 100 years, the Rabino family has been cultivating the vineyards in the municipality of Monforte d’Alba with passion and love for their work. Our ambition is to produce wines with a strong personality linked to the history of this splendid area, which has become a UNESCO heritage site.
The Rabino Agricultural Company was founded in 1909 in Monforte d’Alba founded by Rabino Bernardo who planted the first vineyards. In 1920 he built the first small winery in the hamlet of Bussia San Giovanni and began producing the company's first fine wines and continued the work begun by Bernardo, his son Pasquale...

Cantina Zatti

Calvagese della Riviera (Bs), Lombardy, Italy

Wine and Nature. A product of the land.

When Gino Zatti cultivated his first vineyard, he did so following a desire: to create a product that best expresses the land from which it came. Conceiving wine as a natural product, the result of a careful process that looks at the plant and fruit, and which sees the hand of man and the transformation process as an experience that respects the qualities of the natural element.

The desire, handed down over the generations, has become an intent: to express the typical features and peculiarities of our territory, the strip of morainic hills that is the Valtènesi...

La Tordera

Guia di Valdobbiadene (Tv), Veneto, Italy

The family has been our strength for over a century.

Our farm was born on the hills of Valdobbiadene, in the heart of the production area of ​​Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, between Venice and the Dolomites.

Always focused on innovations, we have never forgotten the bond with our land and its traditions; it is out of respect for this little paradise and the wonderful fruits it gives us, that our farm seeks increasingly green viticulture and in harmony with the environment, with constant thought of past and future generations.
We owe our name to a gentle hill in the Cartizze area. This hill formerly housed a bird commonly called Tordera. In fact, in the autumn season, the thrushes descended from the nearby mountains in search of food among the rows of vineyards, from this tradition the hill took the name of Tordera. Although the roccolo no longer exists, the name has remained alive in the collective memory. Our family originated here, our farm was born here, La Tordera was born here...

Tenuta Pietramora

Scansano (Gr), Tuscany, Italy

We have a rich story to tell and we tell it with consistency and innovation.

19 years have passed since the day we arrived on this hill after a careful search and it suddenly seemed like paradise. A strategic position for exposure, with the wind of the sea in the distance that caresses the vineyards, the cracks in the ground, the penetrating scents of the forest, the olive groves on the steep slopes and the colors of the surrounding sycamore. A perfect circle that clearly draws and encloses the character of our Morellino di Scansano, the complexity of the scents of the Maremma in one name, Tenuta Pietramora di Colle Fagiano.

We believed in our exclusive research on the character of Sangiovese Maremma, we believed in it over time by learning to know the expressions of our land, we observed it, listened to it, we understood it, allowing it to reveal its deepest personality, its secrets, its wealth...

Fratelli Biagi

Colonnella (Te), Abruzzo, Italy

An indissoluble bond with our land.

First of all we are winemakers, we love our land and with genuine passion we take care of it, thinking of our roots as a value for the future. We live off the fruit of our land and for this we respect it: it gives us what to eat, what to drink and what to cheer our tables, it offers us work and teaches us the true values ​​of life every day.

This is why our land, nature and the wine they give us are the cardinal values, the foundations of our company. Each choice and our entire path, from generation to generation, follows the same philosophy: to produce great wines, direct expression of a unique territory...

Vincenzo Cioti

Paterno di Campli (Te), Abruzzo, Italy

Entirely organic thanks to its natural context and its philosophy.

All the wine production is organic, coming from a totally self-sufficient agricultural system. With the appearance of a quiet town in the Teramo countryside, Paterno di Campli was a village of important wine-growing traditions, from the end of the nineteenth century the wine-growing activities developed as well as in some foothill towns of Abruzzo.
Among the oldest producers, the Cioti family is the only one that has remained active to this day. Filiberto Cioti and his son Vincenzo, with the desire to recover the ancient viticultural heritage, re-propose in their wines the rare grapes of native vines, some of which are endangered. Since the 1980s, the company has activated a process of recovery of the ancient local clones of both white and black grapes and is converting the funds available to vineyards which today are represented by about 4 hectares...

Contesa Vini

Collecorvino (Pe), Abruzzo, Italy

In the Contesa philosophy "wine is made in the vineyard".

And the cellar is the place where the journey from harvest to bottle aging ends year after year in a ritual that is sacred to us. Here patience and silence are essential values, because we know that just as nature needs its time to give us true masterpieces, in the same way every author's wine is born from a precise modus operandi refined and handed down from generation to generation.
However, in the Contesa cellar there are not only valuable barriques and barrels in Slavonian oak, as well as the innovative temperature-controlled steel tanks that...

Cantine Lizzano

Lizzano (Ta), Apulia, Italy

A passion that does not change.

A veil of red earth on a layer of limestone greedily kissed by the sun and stirred by contrary winds that filter through the dry stone walls, spreading the scents of the Mediterranean scrub and olive trees.

It is here that our vineyards have their roots, in the land on which Luigi Ruggieri, doctor and enlightened farmer was ready to bet who, in 1959, gathered a group of winemakers to enhance local productions by recovering the ancient farming practices and combining them with modern winemaking techniques...

Cantina Calcagno

Passopisciaro (Ct), Sicily, Italy

Two districts: Feudo di Mezzo and Arcurìa.

The vineyards of the Calcagno family fall within the Etna DOC territory and are located near Passopisciaro, between the Etna, Alcantara and Nebrodi Parks. The sapling vines are mainly varieties of Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio for red wines and Carricante for white wines.
The winery was born from the two brothers Franco and Gianni and their daughter Giusy who, with the passion and dedication for the vineyards inherited from their grandfather, decided in 2006 to bottle a wine that may represent the essence of their territory. Gianni takes care of the vineyards with meticulousness and the experience acquired from his father and grandfather, Franco manages the economic part of the company and Giusy the welcome in the cellar for the tastings. In a winemaking tradition that has been handed down from father to son, together with Giusy, in recent years, they have set out to experiment in the cellar without ever abandoning tradition...

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