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Our territory

An unspoiled environment

Beautiful in every season, with a multitude of landscapes ranging from olive groves to snow-capped peaks, passing through large beech woods and endless plateaus, it is an area that has managed to preserve its identity.

A heritage to be discovered

The coexistence with an indomitable Nature has forged people and things over the centuries. Between villages, countryside and mountains, there are many opportunities to enjoy life, with the simplicity of a time that no longer exists.

The B&B

For a relaxing stay

Lorena and Bruno will ask you not to use shoes inside the rooms and the tavern, to make you feel at home. Eco-friendly structure, exclusive use of natural materials and welcoming rooms for a regenerating stay.

All the spaces you need

You can take refuge in the tavern on hot summer days and in front of the fireplace while it’s snowing outside. We designed the Scacciapensieri so that it can be lived comfortably for 12 months a year, the nature that surrounds will do the rest.

Food and drink

The early bird catches the worm

Whether you have planned an excursion to the Gran Sasso Laga National Park, a visit to the castellan ceramic shops, or a day of pure relaxation, take the time to enjoy each course of our memorable breakfasts.

Unforgettable tastings

Tasting the Vini d’Altura in front of the Gran Sasso chain, where the magic of the transformation of wines under the snow takes place in our high-altitude locations, is priceless. And if Bruno is in a good mood and prepares some of his dishes …

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