The origins of the project Vini d'Altura

The transhumance of wine, or the magic of aging in the mountains.

Pure air, snow-capped peaks and extreme climatic conditions. These are some of the elements that push us to go to the mountains; to love them especially in winter, when the landscape is colored with an intense white and a majestic inaccessibility.

It is the framework in which the original bottle aging technique of the wines that we have developed takes place.

Inspired by an ancient pastoral tradition, driven by passion and thanks to some technical solutions perfected over time, we were able to make our dream come true.

Wine, as we know, is a living matter and interacts with the environment in which it lives. Since 2016, within the framework of an agreement that we stipulate with the producers, we select the wines with our partner companies and in the autumn we bring them to 2000 meters above sea level, in the heart of the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park. We store the bottles in suitable mobile cellars designed by us for the whole winter, under the snow.

Up there, the microclimatic parameters, the purity of the air and the interaction with the very particular mineral substrate trigger specific chemical-physical processes that give our wines the unmistakable balsamic and mineral notes, accentuated freshness and an amazing persistence, in short, they have become wines of ‘Height.

At the summer thaw, when extensive blooms color the prairies, we bring them back to the valley: the wine is transformed, invigorated by the experience at high altitude.

The main stages, year by year.

The key moments in our history.


The first tastings in the refuges of the Gran Sasso.

Three public events, with the participation of three wineries. Only 36 bottles… at the first tastings, the transformation of the wines was evident. It was in those days, thanks also to the support of many, that we began to strongly believe in the project.


Vini d’Altura becomes a trademark.

We also produce the well-known packaging that makes us unmistakable among the tens of thousands of other wines. The collaboration with four wineries of our region begins and production grew up from 36 to 600 bottles. First participation in Vinitaly.


The first Vini d’Altura are sold.

The requests increase. There are those who compare us to those who refine their wines under the sea, in the mines, in the amphorae… but the characteristics of the Vini d’Altura are unmistakable. The partnership with the Biagi Winery is consolidated and the first events in Italy and abroad are held.


The pandemic does not discourage us, quite the contrary.

2020 is the year of courageous choices: the range of experiments and collaborations extends to the whole italian territory from north to south and new business ideas take shape. 1200 bottles for sale are refined and a further 70 wines from 20 wineries of different regions are successfully tested.


Vini d’Altura 2.0.

Despite the difficulties arising from the pandemic, we take the plunge and expand our catalog by opening it to other Italian regions. It is also the first year of the new brand TRANSUMANTE®.


We are off to a great start.

New projects and participation in Vinitaly after two years of forced stop. 2022 is marked by experimentation with EVO oil. A communication strategy is put in place based on a calendar of exclusive events. A story to be written…

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