The CAI Section of L’Aquila has welcomed the proposal of the company Pendeche Srl of Montorio al Vomano, which by some years has launched an interesting initiative aimed at the creation of a limited edition of wines, as part of a broader project called “Vini d’Altura”.

Our Section recognizes the role of the Garibaldi Refuge, in Campo Pericoli on the Gran Sasso, as a garrison of alpine culture, a meeting place crucial for the dissemination of mountain-related issues, meant as tangible and intangible cultural heritage, also including the promotion of the eno-gastronomic productions of the Abruzzo region. Judging this initiative perfectly compatible with its statutory purposes, the L’Aquila Section of the CAI has launched a project dedicated to the Garibaldi Refuge, which will host in the next winter season for a slow process of rest at high altitude, a selection of wines from the Cioti Winemaker in Paterno di Campli (Te).

The company has installed, inside the Garibaldi, a data logger for the detection of temperature and humidity during the winter, a very useful tool – as well as for monitoring related to the project – also for scholars and professionals, in view of the upcoming restoration works on the refuge.

At the end of the season, the bottles will be packaged with care and will have a characteristic collar with the description of the Vini d’Altura project. The next summer season will see some events to promote local products at the refuge.
As with similar products and services, members will be granted a discount on the sale price and a part of the product, which cannot be marketed, will be donated to CAI L’Aquila for promotional purposes.